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With the onset of COVID, we had to roll out many more Chromebook devices to students than would normally be done. Of course, the more devices travel, they become subject to hinge wear, screen cracks, keyboard issues, etc. AGP has, without fail, been able to meet our parts needs in a timely manner so we can turn the repaired devices back in a timely manner. We can turn around approximately 300 units a week, which would not have been possible without the support of AGP, and, by performing the repairs in-house, we are saving a lot of public $ which, as a school district, is incredibly important as we want the bulk of our funds to be spent in the classroom for student education. The AGP team is supportive and responsive—two things that make for a great partnership.

Brenda, Accounting/Purchasing, TX

38,500 students | 51,000 devices

AGParts has been one of those rare companies where my loyalty has been earned by the top-tier service they provide. There are a number of other companies that have reached out offering the same services and pricing as AGParts but considering I give them a 10/10, if it's not broken, don't fix it. They've made my job as Senior Technology Specialist easier because I can count on them.

Marcus, Senior Technology Specialist, MI

3,400 students | 2,200 devices


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